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How to tune your guitar with an digital tuner

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What is the first thing you do when you pick up a guitar? 

I think it must be make it on the right tune for your music.

It is easy for those experienced guitar players, but it is may be difficult for some new bees.

how to tune guitar

Here let me give you a easy instruction of how to put a guitar in a basic tune.

This article is only mention a easy way of tuning for beginners, not a chord professional way.

  1.  Find the right tool

    To  start to tune a guitar, you need small tool---tuner.

    You can find it as an APP on mobile or a digital tuner.

    To use an APP, please stay in a quiet room, your mobile need to pick up sounds from guitar.

    To use a tuner, you can tune in noice because it detect by vibration.

  2.  Know what parts is responsible for tuning

    It is the head machine. Each peg is link to different strings. Tighten it or loosen it leads change of tune.

  3.  Basic tune of 6 strings acoustic guitar

    Most beginners will start from a 6 string acoustic guitar.

    There are 6 strings on guitar, there are in serial numbers from the small guage to large guage, their number is #1~#6, each string at different tune

  4. Start to tune

    tune your guitartuning_sequence1

Clip the tuner on headstock, and start plucking!

Step 1: Start by tuning the low E String, it is #6 string,

Step 2: Next, tune the A String, it is#5

Step 3: Tune the D String, it is #4

Step 4: Tune the G String,it is #3

Step 5: Tune the B String, it is #2

Step 6: Tune the High E String, it is #1

When the display turn green, it shows you are on the right tune.

If the indicator is on left, you need to tighten the string; and if it is on the right, you should loosen the string. Just get the display green!

Do remember to repeat above things 2~3 times so all strings keeps in right tune.


Now it is done, try your guitar and be happy with your music!

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