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How to choose the right guitar and learning method

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Guitar is a very popular instrument, it can play a variety of styles of music, but also can express their emotions and creativity. However, for beginners who want to learn guitar, how to choose a suitable guitar and an effective learning method? This is a very important question, because it will affect your interest in learning the guitar, progress and effectiveness. In this article, we will give you some advice on the following aspects:

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1. Choose the type of guitar

Guitars can be roughly divided into three types: classical, folk, and electric. The main differences are the strings, body and timbre. The classical guitar uses nylon strings, small body, soft and clear sound, suitable for playing classical, ethnic and finger music and other styles. Folk guitars use steel strings, large body, full and bright tone, suitable for playing pop, rock and singing styles of music. Electric guitars use metal strings, thin body, need to be amplified through the sound box, the sound is varied and rich, suitable for rock, jazz and heavy metal music styles.

The type of guitar you choose mainly depends on what kind of music style you like and what kind of effect you want to achieve. Generally speaking, beginners can start with folk guitar, because it is more suitable for self-entertainment and practicing basic skills, but also easier to pick up. Of course, if you have a particular interest or goal in classical or electric guitars, you can also choose them outright.

2. Choose a brand and price for your guitar

There are many different brands and prices of guitars on the market, how to choose? First of all, we suggest you choose some big brands with good reputation and reputation, such as Yamaha, Kama, Enya, etc. These brands of guitar quality, workmanship and after-sales service are more secure, not easy to appear quality problems or leakage phenomenon. Secondly, we suggest that you choose a reasonable price range based on your financial situation and study objectives. Generally speaking, about 500-1000 yuan guitar can meet the needs of beginners, not too expensive and not too cheap. A guitar that is too expensive may make you feel bad about using it, and a guitar that is too cheap may make you lose interest or interfere with your learning.

When choosing the brand and price of guitar, it is best to go to a music shop or a music store to try out the guitar and feel the feel, sound and appearance of the guitar. If you do not have the conditions to go to the physical store to try the piano, you can also find some regular shops online to buy, and pay attention to the details of the product, evaluation and after-sales policy.

3. Choose the size and material of your guitar

In addition to the type, brand and price, there are some details that need to be noted. Like the size and the material of the guitar. Size refers mainly to the length and width of the neck (the part where the left hand presses the chords). Different sizes of neck affect how easily and comfortably you can press chords. Generally, beginners can choose between a standard (41 ") neck or a smaller (39 ") neck. A neck that is too big or too small may feel uncomfortable or incongruous. The material mainly refers to the wood made of the body (that is, the part of the right hand plucked string to sound). Different wood materials can affect the sound, stability and durability of the guitar. Generally speaking, beginners can choose solid wood or plywood two materials. Solid wood refers to the body made from a single piece of wood, which is better and more natural in tone, but more expensive and more delicate. Plywood refers to a body made of several layers of wood glued together, which has a poorer sound but is cheaper and more durable.

When choosing the size and material of a guitar, it is best to experiment with factors such as your height, hand shape and finger strength, and consult a professional or teacher for advice.

4. Choose the right learning method

Once you have the right guitar, it's time to learn. There are many ways to learn, such as signing up for training classes, hiring private teachers, reading textbooks, watching video tutorials and so on. Each approach has its pros and cons. The key is to see what you like and stick with it. Here are some suggestions:

- If possible, it is best to hire a professional or experienced teacher to guide you in your studies. Teachers can help you correct mistakes, answer questions, provide feedback, make plans, and more.

- If you can't afford a teacher or enroll in a class, you can learn by yourself through online resources. There are many great tutorial videos, articles, communities, and more on the Web. You can choose the style or difficulty you like, and share it with other learners.

No matter what method you use to study, the most important thing is to keep practicing. Practice is the most effective, direct and necessary way to improve your skill level and understanding. Practice for at least half an hour every day without breaks or laziness. Practice should pay attention to posture, hand shape, rhythm, strength and other aspects, do not form bad habits or wrong understanding.

- Learning the guitar is not only about playing, but also about music theory and background. Such as scales, chords, beats, musical forms, styles, etc. This knowledge can help you understand music better, make music more flexibly, and enjoy music more widely.

- Learning the guitar should also have some purpose and motivation. For example, you can set some short - and long-term goals for yourself, such as learning a certain song, entering a certain contest, recording a certain video, etc. These goals keep you motivated to learn and improve. At the same time, you can also give yourself some rewards and recognition, such as buying some new accessories, sharing your results, treating yourself to a nice meal, etc. These rewards can give you a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Vines music

In a word, learning guitar is an interesting and beneficial thing, as long as you choose a suitable guitar and an effective learning method, and unremitting practice and learning, you will be able to enjoy the guitar brings you wonderful and happy. If you want to learn more about guitar knowledge and skills, please visit our website www.vinesmusic.com , we will provide you with more resources and services. Here, we introduce some of our best-selling guitars. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us!

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