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5 Common guitar beginner Mistakes

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Guitar is a very popular instrument, many people want to learn to play it, but in the process of learning, it is easy to make some mistakes, which affect their progress and fun. As a professional guitar manufacturer, we have summarized five common guitar mistakes that beginners make and how to avoid them in the hope of helping you enjoy the guitar more.

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Mistake # 1: Choosing the wrong guitar

Many guitar beginners buy guitars without considering their actual needs and level, but blindly pursue brand, price or appearance, resulting in the choice of unsuitable guitars. For example, some people choose guitars that are too big or too small for their hands and body shape. Some choose guitars that are too expensive or too cheap for their budget or quality requirements; Some people choose guitars that don't fit their style or preferences, such as electric, classical or folk.

How to avoid it: Before buying a guitar, you should first understand your goals and level, as well as the characteristics and differences of various guitars, and then choose a suitable guitar for your needs and preferences. If you are not sure, you can consult our professional staff, or go to our physical store to try playing, we will recommend the most suitable guitar for you according to your situation.

Mistake # 2: Not tuning your guitar

Many guitar beginners neglect to adjust the intonation of the guitar when playing the guitar, resulting in inaccurate notes, affecting the effect and beauty of the music. Some people skip this step because they don't know how to tune the guitar. Others skip this step because they are lazy or eager to play.

How to avoid it: Before playing the guitar, you should use a tuner or other instrument to check and adjust the pitch of the guitar to make sure that each string is in tune with the standard notes. This way, you can make sure that the music you play is correct and harmonious. If you don't know how to tune your guitar, you can refer to our tutorial, or ask our professionals for help.

Mistake # 3: Incorrect posture

Many guitar beginners do not pay attention to their posture when playing the guitar, which leads to unnecessary stress and fatigue on the body and fingers, and may even cause injury. For example, some people hold their guitars too high or too low, causing their arms and waist to bend excessively; Some people put their fingers too tight or too loose, resulting in inflexible or unstable playing; Some people bend their wrists and fingers too much or too little, resulting in uneven or insufficient force.

How to avoid it: When playing the guitar, you should pay attention to your posture, keep your body comfortable and natural, and avoid excessive tension and relaxation. You can consult our tutorials or ask our professionals for guidance on proper posture and technique. You can also take regular breaks and relax to avoid excessive practice and fatigue.

Mistake # 4: Practicing irregularly

Many guitar beginners practice guitar without a rule and plan, resulting in slow or stagnant progress. Some people practice or give up casually because they have no time or interest; Some people blindly practice or repeat because they have no goals or methods; Some people practice complacently or go astray because there is no feedback or evaluation.

How to avoid it: When practicing guitar, you should make a reasonable and effective plan, arrange the time and content according to your level and goals, and stick to practicing a certain amount of time and difficulty every day. You can also consult our tutorials or ask our professionals for advice on proper practice methods and techniques. You can also record or perform regularly to show your achievements and progress to yourself and others for feedback and encouragement.

Mistake # 5:  Neglecting the basics

Many guitar beginners only pay attention to the skills and effects of playing the guitar, ignoring the learning and understanding of basic knowledge, resulting in their own vision and ability to be limited. For example, some people do not understand the structure and principle of guitar, resulting in the inability to maintain and adjust the guitar; Some people do not understand the theory and law of music, resulting in unable to create and deduce music; Some people do not understand the history and culture of the guitar, resulting in the inability to appreciate and experience music.

How to avoid it: When learning the guitar, you should pay attention to the study and understanding of the basic knowledge, and expand your vision and ability. You can refer to our tutorials or seek guidance from our professionals to learn more about guitar structure, principles, history, culture and more. You can also read some related books, magazines, websites and other resources to learn more about the theory, rules, styles, genres and other aspects of music.


That's our roundup of five common guitar mistakes that beginners make, and how to avoid them. We hope these tips will help you learn more quickly and enjoy playing guitar better. If you want to buy a high quality, low price, suitable guitar, or want to get more guitar related tutorials, advice, services, please visit our website, or contact our customer service, we will be happy to serve you.

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